Composers’ Full Names

Last updated 10th November 2018

These lists were initially compiled from the peal reports published in 1994 and 1995 and contained about 350 composers’ names at that time. Roger updated it in January 2008 by doing a quick trawl through the top 6 societies from, which by the way has an unpublicised reports page where you can search for (among other things), peals by specific composers. Apparently, Roger also searched Tony Smith’s admirable Index to Compositions in the Ringing World, and at the time Roger died the main list contained 743 names. The lists below had another major update in April 2014 by searching for new names of composers in the Ringing World Index, and the compositions collections maintained by Don Morrison and others, and there have been sporadic updates since.

The following 20 composers are recorded as having produced quarter peals, but for all I know they may have produced peals too. The Ringing World or Bell News reference is to a representative composition only. If you know of any peals any of them composed please .

Composition Composer Reference
1344 3-Spliced Plain & Little Major A E Brown RW 78/0934
1319 Grandsire Cinques K Brown RW 94/1122
1260 PB Triples Peter A K Covey-Crump RW 2002/630
120 5-Spliced Doubles J Davey RW 50/0446
720 Plain Bob Minor ? Dixon RW 68/0240
2001 Plain Bob Triples John A Foster RW 2001/907
1952 Plain Bob Major Geoffrey J Gammon RW 52/0046
1277 Grandsire Caters G Hollis RW 78/0922
2000 Plain Bob Major Timothy P Hughes RW 99/701
1260 Grandsire Triples Michael Hurst RW 2001/0005
1909 Stedman Caters William H Inglesant BN XXVII/567
1260 Stedman Triples S Jones RW 50/0798
2002 Grandsire Triples Paul Marshall RW 2002/0048
1998 Grandsire Caters Simon S Meyer RW 98/0381
1296 Grandsire Caters Ian J Povey RW 2002/1011
720 Plain Bob Doubles A R Price RW 96/0365
1260 Grandsire Triples H A Price RW 63/0360
touches Stedman Triples E V Williams RW 77/0922
720 Plain Bob Minor H F Wood RW 51/0764
1260 Grandsire Triples C H Woodbury RW 73/0846

The following 4 composers are recorded as having produced peals but their names have not been fully identified; again the reference (Ringing World etc.) is to a representative composition only. And, again, please if you know their names more fully.

Composition Composer (incomplete name) Reference
6144 Plain Bob Major P Brickell (Northenden, Cheshire) BN IX/608
5040 Grandsire Triples M T Edwards Peal Board, Kensington, 19 April 1804
5088 Plain Bob Major (False) E A Ridgeway RW 75/0355
5024 Plain Bob Major J W Sedgley (King’s Lynn) BN VIII/323

I believe the following list to be correct, with the caveat that many of the 879 names in it are based on Roger’s memories of obsessively reading the Ringing World for almost 50 years. If you spot any errors (especially where there are alternative spellings for Christian names, such as Anthony/Antony) or omissions, please .

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