Composers’ Full Names

Last updated 29th March 2017

These lists were initially compiled from the peal reports published in 1994 and 1995 and contained about 350 composers’ names at that time. Roger updated it in January 2008 by doing a quick trawl through the top 6 societies from, which by the way has an unpublicised reports page where you can search for (among other things), peals by specific composers. Apparently, Roger also searched Tony Smith’s admirable Index to Compositions in the Ringing World. The lists below had another major update in April 2014 by searching for new names of composers in the Ringing World Index, and the compositions collections maintained by Don Morrison and others.

The following 21 composers are recorded as having produced quarter peals, but for all I know they may have produced peals too. The Ringing World reference is to a representative composition only. If you know of any peals any of them composed please .

¼ Peal Composition Composer Reference
1344 3-Spliced Plain & Little Major A E Brown RW 78/0934
1319 Grandsire Cinques K Brown RW 94/1122
1260 PB Triples Peter A K Covey-Crump RW 2002/630
120 5-Spliced Doubles J Davey RW 50/0446
720 Plain Bob Minor ? Dixon RW 68/0240
1288 Grandsire Triples Peter R Ellis RW 2000/1288
2001 Plain Bob Triples John A Foster RW 2001/907
1952 Plain Bob Major Geoffrey J Gammon RW 52/0046
1277 Grandsire Caters G Hollis RW 78/0922
2000 Plain Bob Major Timothy P Hughes RW 99/701
1260 Grandsire Triples Michael Hurst RW 2001/0005
1260 Stedman Triples S Jones RW 50/0798
2002 Grandsire Triples Paul Marshall RW 2002/0048
1998 Grandsire Caters Simon S Meyer RW 98/0381
1296 Grandsire Caters Ian J Povey RW 2002/1011
720 Plain Bob Doubles A R Price RW 96/0365
1260 Grandsire Triples H A Price RW 63/0360
1985 3-Spliced Surprise Caters A Rowe RW 85/0736
touches Stedman Triples E V Williams RW 77/0922
720 Plain Bob Minor H F Wood RW 51/0764
1260 Grandsire Triples C H Woodbury RW 73/0846

The following 15 composers are recorded as having produced peals but their names have not been fully identified; again the reference (Ringing World etc.) is to a representative composition only. And, again, please if you know their names more fully.

Composition Composer (incomplete name)   Reference
5040 Grandsire Triples H? S? W? Bruerton RW 51/0048
5056 Plain Bob Major John E? Burton RW 63/330
5040 Stedman Triples T Carter RW 41/0287
5040 Stedman Triples S G Chaplin RW 84/0699
5050 Hingham Little Bob Major C C Court RW 98/940
5040 Grandsire Triples M T Edwards Peal Board, Kensington, 19 April 1804
5280 Grandsire Major W Eversfield RW 68/0355
5068 spliced plain major G E Fenn RW 43/97
(changes?) Kent TB Major G H Hardy BN XXVI/429
5152 Double Norwich Court Bob Major R Hasted RW 70/0064
5056 Plain Bob Major J A Lambert RW 55/0268
5088 Plain Bob Major E A Ridgeway RW 75/0355
5040 Grandsire Triples G H Ridout RW 41/0190
5184 Withyham Surprise Major M J Thomas RW 73/0804
5039 Grandsire Caters H C Walters CC Grandsire no 327

I believe the following list to be correct, with the caveat that many of the 813 names in it are based on Roger’s memories of obsessively reading the Ringing World for almost 50 years. If you spot any errors (especially where there are alternative spellings for Christian names, such as Anthony/Antony) or omissions, please .

Chris Adams J Alan Ainsworth Andrew F Alldrick Richard I Allton
John Anderson Richard J Angrave Benjamin Annable Janet E Archibald
Toby Arkless Stuart Armeson Joseph E Arnold Kenneth Arthur
Neil R Aspland George Astbury E Maurice Atkins Paul M Atkins
J David Atkinson Norman W Attaway Gary J Audley Oliver M Austin
Samuel M Austin David P Bagley Leslie F Bailey Nigel J Bailey
Roger Bailey George Baker Roger Baldwin Michael Bangham
A Colin Banton Alan M Barber John W Barker Michael G Barker
Roger Barnes Timothy J Barnes Edwin A Barnett John H Barrett
Dale Barton William Barton William E Bason Geoffrey Baulcomb
David R Baxter Denis Alan Bayles David W Beard Joseph St J Beaumont
Stephen J Bedford Vernon B Bedford Stephen B Bell Peter G Bellamy-Knights
James W Belshaw Roland Beniston Ernest Bennett Frank Bennett
Mark C Bennett Neil Bennett Robert Bennett Revd E Geoffrey Benson
Peter J R Bevis Samuel Biddleston Patrick J Bird Anthony Bishop
Frank T Blagrove Ian S G Blagrove Fred Bone Anthony K Booer
Peter Border Charles M S Botting M John Bradford Graham M Bradshaw
Daniel W Brady Jeffrey Brannan Jack Bray Geoffrey Bridges
Thomas Brook Patrick L H Brooke J Eric Brosius Ian Broster
William A Brotherton David C Brown Nicholas D Brown Robert D S Brown
Robin Brown William J G Brown Michael S Bruce Edward F P Bryant
Andrew M Bull Revd H Earle Bulwer Alan S Burbidge James A Burford
Brian L Burrows John E Burton Philip A Burton Richard H Burton
Shirley Burton Alan A J Buswell Neil Buswell Peter R Butler
William Butler Ian Butters Derek Butterworth Alex F Byrne
Ian Calvert George H Campling Martin J Cansdale David G Carling
Denis R Carlisle Anthony R Carter Donald B Carter John Carter
Richard P J Carter Christopher S Caryer Harold G Cashmore William L Catchpole
Alan Cattell Samuel C Cave William A Cave Lister Cawood
J Edward Cawser Robert G Chadburn Norman Chaddock Steven D Chandler
Harold Chant Dennis A Chapman Patrick I Chapman Tom Chapman
Cornelius Charge Alistair J Cherry Nicholas J Chesson John E Chilcott
Michael V Chilcott Peter J Church Robin R Churchill Rupert A Clarke
James Clatworthy Anthony W T Cleaver Richard J Clements Stephen A Coaker
Graham J N Colborne Julian Coleman Murray A Coleman Steven J Coleman
Charles T Coles A Terence Collins Timothy F Collins Edward P D Colliss
Benjamin D Constant Henry Cooper Philip A Corby John Cornock
Andrew J Corrigan Graham P Cottle W John Couperthwaite Andrew J Cowie
Richard J Cowley Anthony J Cox John Cox Anthony J Crabtree
Andrew G Craddock Arthur Craven W Eric Critchley James S Croft
William S Croft William Doubleday Crofts Richard G Crosland George H Cross
Oliver D Cross Denis Crowe George Crute Neil G Curnow
Henry Dains George T Daltry Philip J Daniel Frank E Darby
Stanley E Darmon John E David Revd Charles Douglas Percy Davies Geoffrey Davies
Mark B Davies Nicholas J Davies Philip G K Davies R Adrian Davies
Revd Charles D P Davies Owen Davis Thomas Day Richard F Deal
Jonathan H B Deane Ian L Dear George W Debenham Frederick Dench
Robert E J Dennis David R Dewar Frederick H Dexter Noel J Diserens
John A Dodd Geoffrey Dodds C Barrie Dove Brian Downes
Graham Drabble Geoffrey R Drew Albert G Driver Graham A Duke
Matthew J L Durham Philip J Earis Mark R Eccleston David A Edwards
G Ronald Edwards Richard H Edwards Thomas Edwards David B Ellery
John Elliott Alan J Ellis Peter G C Ellis William T Elson
Peter J England Christopher H Enzor R Mark Esbester Aubrey G Eveleigh
George E Evenden David C Everett William Eversfield David R Fallick
George R Fardon Andrew M Farmer Simon C Farrar F Gordon Faulks
Simon F Feather George E Feirn Martin D Fellows Kenneth W H Felstead
Stephen Fenwick J Henry Fielden John H Fielden Ian R Fielding
David R Finch John R Fisher Paul J Flavell Christopher Forster
John Fosdick Michael Foulds Edward Francis George Francis
P Jonathan Franklin John H R Freeborn George R Freebrey Alan Freke
David W Friend Denis A Frith Harold V Frost Roger O Fry
Christopher B Fynes Ian M Gardiner John Garthon Philip W Gay
Simon J Gay James George Philip S George Monty W Gilbert
Clement Glenn Edwin R Goate E Fred Gobey Edward C Gobey
F Nolan Golden John M Goldthorpe Len Goodall Thomas W Goodyer
Al Gorithm Philip J Gorrod Valentine Gosling Andrew J Graham
Colin T Graham Robert P Graves Percy Green Roger G Green
York Green John W Griffiths Thomas W Griffiths Richard B Grimmett
Frederick W Grocott George Gross James E Groves Edgar Guise
Lawrence J Haines Henry W Haley Robin O Hall Gordon A Halls
Gary R Harden Robert E Hardy Brian Harris Geoffrey S Harris
Mark Harris Roy T Harris Michael J Harrison Peter I Harrison
William Harrison John E Harrold Thomas E Harrold S Nicholas Harrop
Andrew Haseldine Charles H Hattersley John E Hawes George J Hawkins
George K Hawkins Fred Hayes William R Haynes John L Hayns
George Hayward Graham R Hayward Louis Head Stuart J Heath
C Luke Heaton John E Heaton David Heighton Barrie Hendry
Michael J de C Henshaw W Nigel G Herriott James Hewett Arthur P Heywood
James Higgins Stephen F High John Hill Melvyn J Hiller
David P Hilling Matthew J Hilling Thomas J Hinks David Hoare
Michael E C Hodge Fred Hodgson Maurice Hodgson Frederick A Holden
James W Holdsworth David A Holland Ian M Holland John T Hollis
Alexander (Ander) E Holroyd John Holt Thomas Hooley Roderick R Horton
Jeremy R Housden Alfred J House David E House Andrew Howard
John Howes Frederick E Howcroft Horace J Howlett Henry Hubbard
Andrew S Hudson William Hudson George Hughes Nicholas D Hughes
Peter D Hughes Stella Hughes John N Hughes-D’Aeth David G Hull
Brian B Hullah Alec Humphrey Simon Humphrey Peter Humphreys
Alex Hunt D John Hunt Jas Hunt J M Hadley Hunter
Paul B Hunter C James Hustler Stuart C W Hutchieson John Hyden
Richard A G Inglis Maurice C Ingram Stephen J Ivin Fred J Jackson
John Jaggar Revd Edward Bankes James Revd Henry Law James Leos Janacek
Bernard Jealous C Edward Jeffries John M Jelley John M Jenkins
Stanley Jenner Andy Jobson Graham A C John Andrew Johnson
Henry Johnson Joseph D Johnson Daniel (Bromyard) Jones Derek J Jones
Derek P Jones Philip H D Jones Robert T Kakuk David J Kelly
Steven P Kelly Antony R Kench John R Ketteringham Robert M Kilby
Peter R King Charles H Kippin Robert C Kippin James Kirkcaldy
Martin R Kitson Frank C W Knight A Percival Knights Arthur Knights
Richard F Knights Dennis Knox Jeffrey P Ladd J Michael Lakin
John O Lancashire Mark S Lancefield Paul A Langham Isaac J B Lates
Donald G Lawson Miles W C Lawson Denis N Layton A David Leach
John R Leary Robert W Lee Janice Leeke Roger Leigh
Roy LeMarechal C Kenneth Lewis Edwin H Lewis George Lewis
Arthur F Lewry Mark C Liebenrood Edwin J Lindley Gabriel Lindoff
Michael R Ling James Lockwood Tom Lockwood William Lomas
John N Longridge John V Lonsbrough Michael W Lowndes Kevin I Lucas
Frank B Lufkin Alastair D Macfadyen William H Male Richard Malthouse
Adrian C Malton Audrey Mann Martin G Mansley Henry Marment
George Marriner Martyn J Marriott David J Marshall Donald R Marshall
Susan E Marshall Charles H Martin Edward W Martin Elizabeth A F Martin
John R Martin Len Martin Paul M Mason George W Massey
Daniel T Matkin William Matthews Michael Maughan Frederick G May
Ian C Maycock Andrew C D Mayes David G Maynard John R Mayne
John McDonald Reginald T McKenzie Hamish M McNaughton Dr Frederick E W Meadows
Michael E C Mears Malcolm C C Melville Christopher F Mew C Montague Meyer
William Micklewright Charles Middleton Henry G Miles Stephen G Miles
Andrew B Mills Donald L Mills Ian G Mills Clive J Mobbs
Colin C Monson John W Moorhouse Adrian M Moreton Wilfrid F Moreton
James Morgan Julian Morgan Ernest Morris John L Morris
Leslie W G Morris Morris J Morris Donald F Morrison Denis Mottershead
James Motts Paul N Mounsey Brian V Mountjoy Peter S Muchlinski
Christopher L D Munday Peter J Munday John F Murfin Graham L Nayler
Paul Needham John Nelms David Newis Joseph E Newman
Nigel J Newton Robert H Newton Donald H Niblett Peter D Niblett
John Nichol John Nicholl Eric Nixon John Noonan
Ian North Owen T Northwood Anthony A Nunn David C Oates
C Mark G Ockelton Richard C Offen Derek Ogden Stephen J A Ollerton
E Maurice Onions Christopher T Osenton Charles W Ottaway Michael E Ovenden
Raymond Overy Terence G Page William Page James Pagett
Michael J Palmer Joseph J Parker Joseph W Parker Julian C Parker
Richard J Parker Nicholas J Parkes Anthony H G Parry David E Parsons
James Patrick Stephanie J Pattenden Alan R Patterson Bryan Pattison
Barry F Peachey Heather L E Peachey Anthony R Peake Diccon G M Pearce
Richard A Pearce Clive R Pearson Christian M Peckham Robert Peers
Stephen W Penney Gerald Penney John F Penning Thomas M Perrins
William T Perrins Magnus M Peterson Timothy G Pett James Pettit
Stephen D Pettman J Barry Pickup Michael J Pickup Mike J Pidd
James Pigott Michael Pilgrim Revd J Holme Pilkington Alan D Pink
David J Pipe Roderick W Pipe Charles H P Pipe-Wolferstan Albert J Pitman
Nathan J Pitstow John Pladdys James Platt Michael J Platt
Charles F Pocock Michael J Pollard Michael J Pomeroy Christopher J Poole
Simon J Poole Jonathan S N Porter Jonathan H Potter Christopher M Povey
Malcolm M Powell Michael G Powell Revd Everard Slade Powell Harry Poyner
Jeremy R Pratt Daniel Prentice Brian D Price Charles Price
Frank C Price Kevin M Price John R Pritchard Richard B Pullin
William Pye Peter C Randall George H Randles Charles Ravenscroft
Andrew J Rawlinson Simon Read Alan G Reading Lucinda J C Reeve
Simon C Reeve John Reeves Mark W Regan John Regin
Albert A Relfe Darran Ricks Kenneth J Rider John R Ridley
David F Riley Mark R Rizzo Dermot J Roaf Robert Roan
Charles W Roberts Donald J Roberts Kenneth A Roe Christopher H Rogers
Frederick W Rogers Gwen Rogers Simon P Rogers Michael R Rose
Stephen A Rossiter David E Rothera Kate Rouse Christopher I Rowson
Philip A B Saddleton Andrew J Salisbury David G Salter George M Salter
Patrick W Saltmarsh Brian A Sanders Peter J Sanderson Shane A Saunders
R Roger Savory James R S Sawle John Schofield Roger N Scholes
Alan F Scholfield Graham N Scott Keith W Scudamore Charles J Sedgley
John Segar Charles Severn Brynley A Shackleton Frederick Shallcross
Jonathan D Shanklin Christopher J Sharp James Shaw Edgar C Shepherd
Mark A Shepherd William Shepherd David J Sheppard Peter W J Sheppard
Marcus C W Sherwood Margaret L Sherwood William Shipway Edmund Shuttleworth
Andrew D Sibson Derek E Sibson Thomas Sibson Nicholas W H Simon
Alan J Sinden Kevin J Skillings George Wilfred Slack Michael Slaney
John Smalley Anthony G Smith Anthony H Smith Anthony P Smith
Arnold J Smith David Smith David D Smith David I Smith
Howard E J Smith Ian V J Smith James A Smith John W Smith
Mark J Smith Norman Smith Richard A Smith Robert B Smith
Roger W Smith Sean D Smith Simon J T Smith Timothy C Smith
Ronald J Snack Peter J Soar Thomas E Sone William Sottanstall
Emma J Southerington Geoffrey C Sparling Richard F B Speed John E Spice
Jeremy W Spiller Peter J Staniforth Christopher P Starbuck Edward C Steele
Richard J Stevens Ronald J Stevens Albert W Stone Fergus M S Stracey
David W Struckett Michael J Stubbs Louis P H Suggett David Sullivan
John H Sunderland Eric Sutton Peter V D Swift Maurice Swinfield
Bernard H Swinson George E Symonds Alex W Tatlow Bernard H Taylor
Catherine R Taylor Edward Taylor Eric J Taylor Glenn A A Taylor
Herbert E Taylor James R Taylor Trevor Taylor Joseph Tebbs
Gordon K Terris Stephen Theobald John Thomas Sam Thomas
William E Thompsett Giles B Thompson John R Thompson Nigel Thomson
William Thorley William Thornley John Thorp Roy Threadgold
Maurice J Thurmott Thomas Thurstans Samuel Thurston Andrew J W Tibbetts
Richard J W Tibbetts Edwin H Timbrell Ernest W Tipler Roy D Tomlin
Michael Tompsett James H Topp Peter J Townsend Jeffrey R Tozer
D Paul Treble J Armiger Trollope J W Frank Trotman Henry J Tucker
Ernest C S Turner Harry Turner Martin J Turner Albert M Tyler
Andrew N Tyler Michael J Uphill John Vicars Albert P Wakley
Albert Walker Christopher Wallater William Walmsey Keith J Walpole
George Wanklin John S Warboys Paul F Warren Frank Warrington
David A Warwick James W Washbrook Peter J Waterfield John Weaver
E John Wells Barbara M Wheeler Stephen A Wheeler Percy H Whitaker
James White James R White Michael V White Walter P Whitehead
Brian E Whiting Simon A B Wigg Edgar Wightman William Wightman
Andrew W R Wilby Michael P A Wilby Henry W Wilde James S Wilde
David G Wilford Peter M Wilkinson R William Willans E Vivian Williams
George F Williams Marcus A G Williams William Willson Amburn Wilson
Rognvald St C Wilson Peter F Windley Alan T Winter Michael J Winterbourne
Walter Wolstencroft Amy H Wood Andrew Wood James Wood
Samuel Wood Stephen H Wood Brian J Woodruffe Colin Woods
Christopher W Woolley Robin E H Woolley Thomas B Worsley John Worth
Cyril A Wratten Albert Wright Colin G Wright Peter C Wright
Christopher M Wulkau Peter J Wycherley Colin J E Wyld Stephen A Yates
Michael J Young            

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