Short Touches of Grandsire Caters.

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This collection is a complete list of the true touches of Grandsire Caters up to 305 changes and 323 changes in length, also selected touches of 306 and 324 changes. The touches are listed in notation using P for a plain lead, B for a bob lead and S for a single. The touches are in groups of each length, being arranged in order with plain leads first, then bobs and then singles. The most musical courses in Caters compositions are by tradition those with the tenors coursing in the plain course (..789 course head), tittums (..978 course head) and handstroke-home (..879 course head) positions. These qualities were assessed for each touch by counting the numbers of leads with 789 in the plain course, tittums and handstroke home coursing orders, these three numbers following each touch. Touches were also marked with code letters for the following musical rows:

Musical rows:
Code NameRow
LRoller Coaster321654987
YYeovil Octaves186429753
For example, the shortest touch, four consecutive bobs (72 changes) contains four leads with 789 coursing in the plain course order, none in tittums or handstroke home, and it contains the 'Priory' row, giving the music code '4 0 0 P'.