Change Ringers’ Email Directory

This page is provided as a convenience for ringers wanting to contact each other one-to-one. Please don’t use it to generate spam, or people may quite reasonably ask to be removed, and its usefulness to everyone else will be reduced.

Where there are multiple entries for an individual, the most recent address is given first. I try to weed out obsolete addresses and guess people’s names where these are not supplied with the address, but doubtless errors remain. However, if you corrections, additions and (especially), deletions, I’ll try to improve it.

SPAM. The email addresses in this directory are now generated using JavaScript. This is a very secure way of protecting them from spammers who employ programmes to trawl web pages looking for email addresses. Please if you have any problems or see a nasty red error message at the top of this page.

Hmm. The whole thing seems to be getting very large and unwieldy and takes forever to load down on a dialup line. I’ve therefore divided it arbitrarily into 4 parts on the lines of the old London phone books. if you think this is an inconvenient arrangement and I’ll consider putting it back together again, or dividing it up into smaller parts.

  1. Surnames A through D
  2. Surnames E through K
  3. Surnames L through R
  4. Surnames S through Z
  5. HOME (Change Ringing Resources)

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Last updated 4th August 2017; 4,516 entries.